The book club meets on the FIRST Wednesday of each month except July and August at 7:00-8:00 pm  USUALLY at the C. C. Mellor Library in Edgewood, PA 15218.   Due to coronavirus meetings have been held via Zoom.  The club expects to meet in person at the library in September.  Check back in August for status updates.

The atmosphere is informal.  The group has a facilitator/record keeper but not a discussion leader.  Books are chosen by consensus.  The books to be discussed are borrowed through the eiNetwork, Allegheny County public libraries.  Arrangements to reserve books may be done through the library catalog or by calling the library.  Contact C.C. Mellor Library at 412-731-0909 with questions.

Updated by Linda Herward 6/7/2021

2 Responses to Home

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  2. Ann Dormer says:

    I’m interested in the book club. How do I go about joining?

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